hi i'm Gahan Gosai and this is crash course intellectual property if you've ,been watching crash course for a while you may be used to my name showing up in ,the credits but for the next seven episodes .      

         i'll be your host it's gonna be great in this series we'll cover the basics of copyright , trademarks and patents we'll talk about fair use and why your amazing Article . you'll see how the concept of intellectual property works to protect creators and how it affects consumers we'll also complicate the belief that there's always a conflict between intellectual property and technological .

         Progress it can feel like protecting ideas sometimes slows down invention how am i supposed to work on my time machine of all the research is kept behind the paywall but the protections created by intellectual property law aren't always meant to hold us back .

          by the end of this course you'll be asking more nuanced questions and have a deeper appreciation for the work that goes into creating and protecting ideas if you've ever made readwatched or listened to something you . love this series is for you